Photography by Lindsay: Blog en-us (C) Photography by Lindsay (Photography by Lindsay) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:34:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:34:00 GMT The Gerver Family / Martinsburg West Virginia Newborn Photographer This family makes me really regret not getting maternity pictures done when I was pregnant with my own children. All I could think about each time was how big I felt. How tired I was. How much I still had to do and of course how I just couldn’t wait any longer to meet this little being that seemed to be taking an eternity to make her arrival. Now that it’s over, I admire the couples that come to me looking to capture such a special time in their lives. Wanting to remember that moment just before their lives changed forever. It’s a beautiful thing and this was surely a beautiful couple.

Of course, this gallery wouldn’t be complete without images of the little guy that caused such a life changing moment. I really love photographing newborns. Their little hiccups and grunts. Their peeling skin, their tiny toes and of course those elusive smiles. Kainaan did not disappoint. He slept for most of his session and when he did flash me a smile I was able to catch...oh, the dimples!  The dimples!  

Congratulations Gerver family! Thank you for allowing me to photograph your adorable little family!



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The Bosley Family/ Martinsburg WV Family Photographer This had to be one of the most easygoing families ever. Their three kiddos always had a smile ready for my camera. Mom and dad were up for anything. Even their new pup, Jill managed to give me a couple of great poses. Did I mention how good looking they are too? A dream session for me!


Thank you, Bosley Family for allowing me to capture these special moments for you!



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Baby Railyn/ Martinsburg, WV newborn photographer Oh my! How I've been neglecting my poor blog. I've made it my goal to try my best to keep up with posts. What better way to get back into the swing of things then with the gorgeous Miss Railyn. She was an absolute dream to photograph. There is something about newborn little girls that just melts my heart. Must be all of the pretty pastels, delicate hair bows oh, and 200lb pups that suck me in. Take a look and see if it happens to you too!



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The Harding Family Welcome Baby Luke / Martinsburg West Virginia Newborn Photographer I first photographed the Hardings when they were just a family of three. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was when mom sent me a message telling me she was expecting and they wanted me to photograph their new arrival. While mom and dad aren't in the images, I can tell you that this in not only one of the nicest families I've had the pleasure of working with, but they are extremely good looking. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to photograph that combination! Big brother Noah was so patient, waiting for his turn to model for my camera and when I put the two of them together for their picture, it was clear that little Luke Harding clearly takes after his big brother in the looks department. While talking to the family about their upcoming session, I learned that Sesame Street is a big deal in the Harding household. What better way to incorporate their love for one of America's best children's show, than turning a sweet 7 day old into everyone's favorite grouch! Luke was a dream and of course, I enjoyed catching up with mom, dad and big brother!














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The Silva Family Welcomes Their Ballerina Baby Martinsburg WV Newborn Photographer You remember the ballerina baby, right? The precious picture I posted last month of the gorgeous newborn with her very own pair of point shoes? Well, here are more images from their session. Mama is a dance instructor in Virgina, so it made perfect sense to have her little girl photographed in her first ballet slippers and tutu! Those of you with little girls, or expecting a little girl, are probably wondering where in the world she found that tutu and those tiny slippers. I know this because, that was one of the first questions I asked when I laid my eyes on those adorable items. Well, grandma made them! Talk about a talented family.

I love photographing little girls, and adding a ballerina theme brought back so many memories of when I used to dance. Although, I must say, I don't think I'd look this cute in a tutu any more!







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The Moore Family/ Martinsburg WV Family Photographer One of the things I have yet to get used to, is the beautiful locations West Virginia has to offer. The grass, the mountains, the skies. They all make for the most amazing backdrops. Throw in a beautiful family on top of that and you've got yourself the perfect set up for a fantastic shoot.


Thanks Page and Charlie for sharing this beautiful location with me and for allowing me to photograph your perfect family!



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The Reed Family / Martinsburg WV Family Photographer It had been 2 years since I have seen Heidi and her adorable family. Since then, we've each had another child along with so many other changes. It was so much fun catching up with such a great family!


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Baby Madison | Martinsburg West Virginia Newborn Photographer I love meeting first time parents. The love and excitement for their new little one is overwhelming. This session was no different. Baby Madison was so much fun to photograph. I could have played with her all day. Thanks to her mom and dad for being so patient and helping out with the shoot. Enjoy!



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An Ode to Childhood / Martinsburg WV Family Photographer I’ve really found myself focused on change lately. Maybe I’m becoming a little afraid of the change I see in my children. Like when I see my 2 year old becoming so independent; or my 11 year old, dressed to the nines, attending her first dance in middle school. Whatever the reason, I’ve recently become obsessed with capturing childhood. Perhaps in a desperate attempt to freeze time for just a moment, or to try to get time to stop all together...who knows? I decided this blog would be about childhood. Mine, yours, my children, your children.

 The other day my husband and I took our daughter to Toys-R-Us. This was a big deal. My husband and I aren’t really big on buying toys. We have hand me downs, birthday and Christmas gifts, crafts, and trips to the library to entertain the kiddos. Besides, she’s a pretty creative individual, and on most days able to entertain herself with just about anything. Just yesterday she played with salad tongs for about an hour. Just running around the house seeing what she could pick up with them and then chasing the dog, the cat and her mother around with them. But in a moment of spontaneity, we decided, what the heck, lets do it. Let’s take her to the toy store. It was there inside the massive, endless building of amazing goodness she found it....that toy...the know what I mean. The toy that will stick with you for a very long time. The toy that when you think of your childhood, it’s the first thing that comes to mind.

For me, it was my very first Cabbage Patch Doll. Christmas morning, 1988. She was beautiful. Dark brown hair, just like mine. Chubby checks, and a dimple! She had a plaid blue and white dress and 2 perfect braids. When I took the oath, you know, The raise your right hand and promise with all your heart to be the best mommy to that Cabbage Patch doll no matter what, oath; I couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear. Her name was Gail Bonnie. She was perfect. She was mine. I slept with her at night, and had tea parties with her during the day. My mother even made her come alive by creating a voice for her. She would take her while I was sleeping and put her in places around the house. I would wake up in the morning to find her half way in the cookie jar, or in front of the t.v. holding the remote. She was everything to me. She was real. She was what I loved. And while I think I collected 4 other Cabbage Patch dolls and an endless amount of “ordinary” other dolls, she was different.  I’ll let you in on a little secret, I still have her. Granted she’s packed away in a memory box, under books and old clothes, but she’s still with me. She’s been through, 26 years, 8 moves, 2 cross country trips, 2 children, one husband and a partridge in a pear tree. I even bring her out every now and then to let my girls play with her...under close and strict supervision of course!

Going back to Lauren and her find. It was Jessie. That’s right, Jessie the cute little red head from the Toy Story movies. She jumped up and down, hugged the box and told her father and I, this is it. I want her. We couldn’t wait to get to the car to open her up. Of course not, that would be silly. We ripped that box open right at the register and on the way out of the store, she looked right at Jessie, gave her a hug and said, “Hey Jessie we’ll be best friends.” It’s been a match made in heaven ever since. I decided to capture this bond between child and childhood. I think in one way or another, we can all connect with the following images, we all have that special toy. That one when we think waaaaay back, no matter how grown up we really think we are, we can remember that special toy and it still brings a smile to our faces.

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Play! I'm so excited about iheartfaces and their theme for this month: PLAY!

Seeing as how I have two children, I spend most of my days either playing or watching my children play. This photograph of my two year old is a picture of her doing what she does best. In our house, we call it bedtime play. Judging by the look on her face, it's clear she thinks jumping on the bed is the best kind of play around!


Photo Challenge Submission

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McMellen Family/ Family Newborn Photographer WV Okay, yes, I am aware, I have been severely neglecting my blog over the last 2 months. However, in my defense, it's hard to keep up when you're so busy with such beautiful families, like the one below. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. I love my job and I love being able to capture such special moments in life that are gone before you know it. This family was no different. The McMellen kids really could be on the cover of a magazine. Four year old, big sister, Peyton was not only cute as a button, but full of personality. She was so patient while her little brother was getting his portraits done and really knew how to turn it on when it was her turn. 7 day old Ryan did a fantastic job during his entire modeling debut. He slept just about the entire time and came with the most awesome hair ever...just check out his mohawk! Here they are, the McMellen siblings! Thanks so much for letting me photograph your awesome kiddos!


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Wind! My submission for the April Photo Contest - The Theme is WIND!

Photo Challenge Submission


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The Kesecker Kids/ Martinsburg WV Family Photographer    Babies are by far one of the most entertaining age groups to photograph. Between the big eyes, the endless rolls, and the toothless smiles, I'm in    heaven for every minute of it. This photo shoot with the Kesecker kids was no different. Audryn was full of smiles and really made my job so incredibly easy. To top it off, her mother brought along some exceptionally cute hair bows, hats, and blankets made by her company, Baby Bustle Design.  My favorite thing about this shoot? The little lip pucker that Miss Audryn kept giving me. I just couldn't get enough.


   On top of all of the baby cuteness, this family also includes 2 adorable little boys, Ridley and Cadmon. Full of energy, full of life, full of fun. They definitely kept me on my toes. But, I really found myself laughing a lot with these two kiddos. They really helped to keep the shoot fun.


                                                                            Just a few pictures from our session. Enjoy!




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Lydia / Martinsburg WV Newborn Photographer Lydia was only 6 days old when I photographed her for her newborn shoot, but I had gotten to know her parents pretty well before then. I've had the privilege of photographing this beautiful baby girls parents since very early in their pregnancy. This was the first family that I have followed from beginning to end and it was an incredible experience. To be asked to photograph such a special time in a couple's life was such an amazing gift that has really allowed me to grow as a photographer. I watched how excited this couple was to announce their pregnancy to those who are so special in their lives. I listened to all of their plans and preparations for their upcoming addition. I photographed their nursery and all of the hard work they put into making that room so special for their sweet one.  At just one day early, I was there to capture the birth of their beloved daughter. Then, at only one week old, I was able to photograph their tiny miracle as a 6 pound newborn. This couple truly lived for the experience, and together enjoyed every minute of this journey. The following are images I've collected over the last 9 months of this adorable couple and their newest addition. Thanks so much Natalie and Matt for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful time in your lives!



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Ally and Bella/ Martinsburg WV Newborn Photographer Photographing newborns has been a great way for me to get my, "baby fix." I get to cuddle, snuggle and smell (yes, those newborns smell sooo good) such sweet little bundles of joy. This newborn session was no different. Ally was just 10 days old when she made her modeling debut for Photography by Lindsay. And she was perfect! I loved her little pouty mouth and with the help of her mother and aunt, we were able to get some really beautiful shots, pouty mouth and all. While Ally was a fantastic model, her big sister Bella, AKA my new BFF was obviously no rookie at this picture taking thing. This girl had sass! She was full of personality and was a complete ham for my camera. While hanging out with Bella I learned we have a lot in common. We both love Hubba Bubba Bubble tape, dancing to Call Me Maybe and a good old fashioned snort laugh! Oh, and one more thing I learned about Bella...Wet Willies crack her up! Other than a few surprises Ally had in store for mom while being diaper free, this was a great session. Such a sweet family!



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It Takes a Village to Raise a... / Martinsburg WV Family Photographer

It’s been said, that 50 percent of small businesses fail within the first year. Maybe it was 72 percent. Or was it 90 percent? Oh heck, I don’t know. The point is a lot of small businesses don’t make it past the first 12 months. I had heard this fact before a time or two, so what did I decide to do? Start a photography business of course! Makes perfect sense, right? I’ve always enjoyed living on the edge. Heck I don’t want to appear completely reckless, but sometimes I’ve been known to throw caution to the wind and add a little extra spice to my chili recipe without even thinking about the consequences. Living on the edge, right?
It may seem hard to believe, but Photography by Lindsay is coming up on its one-year anniversary. April 2012 is when I first approached my husband with that dreamy look in my eye and said, “Hey Honey, I’m heading to the store to get some peanut butter. Oh, by the way, I think I’m going to start a photography business. Be back soon!”
The rest is just a memory. Okay, maybe not a memory. It’s actually all still pretty clear in my head. Making the purchase to upgrade my camera, the lenses, the backdrops, the props, the legal work, the classes and let’s not forget the hours of endless begging to friends and family....“Pleeeeeease let me photograph you and your children, pretty please!"
So where am I going with this rambling? Yes, I know, I ramble. What I’m trying to say is, “I did it!” It’s just about one year later and I did it! I’m still here and I’m still going strong. While I know this is only the beginning and I still have a really, really – seriously – really long way to go, I’m feeling pretty good about this past year. It’s not only what it has brought me, but also what I have learned and how I have changed – as a person and as a photographer.
I’ve had to overcome many personal fears throughout this process; and for those of you who know me, you know that change is not something I welcome with open arms. I’ve had to learn to ignore that little voice of self-doubt, even when she was screaming at me sometimes so loudly, that she was all I could hear. I’ve had to poke my head out from inside my shell at times because the photography business is about interacting with people. Who knew?! I’ve also had to take a bit of a financial gamble with my family’s income. It’s been an extremely stressful rollercoaster with many highs and lows, yet wonderfully exciting at the same time.
Thank goodness for those voices of reason and inspiration also in my ear all year long. You know who you are. Telling me to go for it when I questioned the idea, encouraging me to take chances when I was being too cautious, and picking me up when I felt like I just wasn’t good enough. To those of you who have been with me from the very beginning, who saw something before even I did, who pushed me to become better and gave me such praise with each accomplishment, no matter how small it may have been, I can’t even begin to thank you. So many people have been a part of making this small thought in the back of my head of “wouldn’t it be cool to have my own photography business,” a reality. So many of you have lent a helping hand behind the scenes and it’s because of you that Photography by Lindsay is still alive and kicking. I realize I still have a very long way to go. To quote my husband, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” (See dear, I was listening :-)) I’ll be the first to admit, I still have so much to learn, and so much room to grow, but the point is I know I’m not alone and I know I can and will do it.
The saying goes it takes a village to raise a child. Well, I’m starting a new saying – it takes a village to start a photography business. Thank you to all of the villagers who have helped me over this last year. You are amazing and inspiring. I love each and every one of you. Now let’s cut the chitchat and get started on our second year! Back to work people!


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My Super Mom Cape is at the Dry Cleaners/ Martinsburg WV Family Photographer      It's 6:30 AM. The alarm goes off and it begins. The to-do list. Make breakfast for the kids, pay the bills, finish the grocery shopping, tackle the ever-growing piles of laundry, clean the house... The list goes on... and on, and on, and on.  But, wait a minute, my super-mom cape is at the dry cleaners. Without it, I'm just a regular human being trying to finish everything on my list and still have time to enjoy the sweet moments of life. How on earth am I going to get it all done? You know what? Maybe I don't pick up the cape today. Maybe I go without it for a while and just be (gasp) me.  The imperfect house wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend. Is that so bad?  I used to think so....but maybe, just maybe it's not.

     I've often wondered, when I'm sitting at the computer editing a session and my 2 year old wants to play; “Am I a rotten mother for telling her I can't right now, mommy has to finish her work?” Is it horrible that sometimes I plop my kids in front of the television just so I can get a few things done or that some times we stay in our pajamas the entire day with stinky feet and tangled hair?  And of course, while contemplating just how horrible of a mother I am, I choose that exact moment to glance out the window and spot our lovely neighbor across the street. The one who seems to have it all together. Work, motherhood, social life and she does it all while looking like, at any minute, she'll be called to the set of a Glamour Magazine shoot. You know who I’m talking about. She’s also the mommy you constantly have the good fortune of running into at the grocery store when you’re wearing your, “it’s my day off comfy pants" and your husbands over sized sweatshirt, complete with mustard stains and all.

Aaand insert terrible feelings of self worth here.   

     It used to stop there, but now, on top of having to contend with that uber perfect neighbor across the street, we have social media to deal with. I'm the first to admit that Facebook is a big contributor to these feelings of guilt that I’m referring to. Not only am I getting updates from my perfect neighbor, but now I can follow my perfect dentist, co-worker, and third cousin who's not only the perfect mother of perfect triplets but a neurosurgeon who volunteers regularly at the animal shelter on her days off.  This social media envy also ties in with my love of photography. It's recently become a habit of mine to gawk at fellow photographers and their busy schedules, perfect images and 10,000 plus fans while still managing to have all the free time in the world to take their little Johnny to the beach, the zoo, and G.I. Joe on Ice.

    Okay, I give up! What am I doing wrong?! What am I doing to these poor children of mine? I’m sure it seems a bit ridiculous reading it in print, however, you know you've been there. You’ve felt that stabbing pain in your heart that maybe, just maybe, you're messing everything up and failing miserably at this thing called motherhood. After all, it seems that EVERYONE (yes, I say everyone because, let's face it, when we're feeling down and throwing ourselves the world's largest pity party) EVERYONE has it better than us. So yes, it’s fitting when I say, it seems like EVERYONE is doing a better job than me!

      We as mothers, wives and friends have to decide to get real. We have to realize that these flawless moments we see, whether it be in line at the supermarket, or while surfing a social site, are like a final image I post to a client. They are the polished, edited, end result. They are only a glimpse into the persons life. A snapshot. What we don’t see is everything leading up to “that” moment. Hey guess what?!  We can't be everything and that's okay. If I've got a busy work load, that housecleaning is just going to have to wait. Sometimes it's okay to wear a dirty shirt out of the hamper because, frankly, you didn't have time to do laundry. It's not a horrible crime that 90% of the time, my floor looks like Santa's workshop exploded on it. My children don't always have perfectly styled hair and clean faces. And for me, instead of designer clothes from Nordstroms, and a shiny, well styled blow out...a.k.a. news anchor hair; I choose most days to rock the ponytail and hoody because well, it's easier. I've had complete brain farts and paid the electric bill late a time or two. Sometimes I make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner.  The other day, my husband saw me wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and asked me why I was all dressed up! But even with all of that, you know what? I'm still alive, I'm still content, and my children are healthy, happy and what I believe to be, normal.

      Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting that we throw caution to the wind and become cave women. I love dressing the family up and going out for a fabulous dinner. I paint my nails...(occasionally, a nude pale color of course, let’s not get crazy here people) and one of my favorite Sunday morning past times is a good ol’ fashioned spring cleaning, even if it is January. As a photographer, I still love the thrill of taking that perfect picture, the one where the colors, exposure and subjects are just right. I’m simply saying we need to relax a bit and accept our flawed selves as being an acceptable part of who we are. Not something to hide or be ashamed of.

      In an attempt to help me to become content with these thoughts, I'm engaging in a bit of at-home therapy. I decided to take a week and document my imperfect family. So here it is, a personal project by Photography by Lindsay. A peek into my, not quite perfect, world. Some of these images I captured this week have become my most favorite images of my family just being themselves, imperfect and so beautiful. It's helped me to realize that even if I still struggle day to day with finding the perfect balance between business owner and mommy, I'm doing the best I can and the only person out there who is judging me for it, is me....


So, my Super Mom cape is at the dry cleaners, and you know what, I think I just may leave it there...

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The Rewinkel Family | Martinsburg WV Family Photographer I was so excited to finally get a chance to go home to Arizona this past holiday season. I was even more excited when my best friend of almost 19 years asked me to photograph her family. After selecting outfits, fixing hair and finding our location, we started. Coming from a mother of 2 girls, I have to admit, that photographing boys is much different. Once I started to think like a 3 and 5 year old boy; by that I mean, farts, boogers and snot, it was smooth sailing! The boys cracked up when we began talking about how their mother has really stinky feet! (We were of course kidding, Steph. Your feet smell like roses! Wink, Wink!) After much laughing and wiggling around (apparently 3 and 5 year old boys don't sit still for very long.) I think we came up with some fantastic shots. Portraits that really capture what this family is all about!

Easygoing - Beautiful - Full of Life



LED, Static Boards and Diamond vision at 2015 AT&T MLS All-Star Game


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The Feisty Toddler vs. Your Camera    We've all been there. It's a beautiful day, we have beautiful children, so why not grab our cameras and get some beautiful pictures of our little ones? They do, after all, grow up in the blink of an eye. Sounds simple enough, right?  Well... those of you who have children under the age of 4 know that this is no easy task. In fact, one might argue that you'd have a better chance of mastering quantum physics, than getting your little one to sit still long enough for you to take a picture. And don't even think about trying to get them to sit still AND actually smile. This, my friends, is a task that can only be performed by that rare and fortunate breed of parent that we seasoned mothers like to refer to as, "the lucky ones."

    So mom gets frustrated, kids start to cry, and before you know it, that beautiful shot you had in your head, has suddenly turned into a nightmarish episode of Super Nanny. Becoming paranoid, you swear that at any minute now, Jo Frost is going to come flying around the corner and ask you why you insist on torturing your poor children. So, out of frustration you wave your white flag, hang your head low and claim defeat. Kids -216, Mom-0.


   Taking pictures of your kids doesn't have to be that complicated and stressful. While I can't guarantee that you'll end up with a shot that will grace the cover of Parents Magazine, I can give you a few tips that I've found useful over my 11+ years of being a parent with children, who I can only assume would much rather have teeth pulled then look at my camera and say cheese.


Work from behind

   Children are always on the go. Photographing them doing just that, is a great way to keep everyone happy. Kids get to run around and explore, and parents get a great shot of their little one being themselves. What's not too love about a perfect view of those chubby little legs and bouncy curls. My only suggestion with this, is to keep these pictures to a minimum. While behind shots are adorable, if you take too many, people may start to wonder why little Johnny doesn't have a face.


Third Party to the Rescue!

   Bring along another person who can gain the child's attention.  Entertainment is a perfect way to distract them from that thing my family likes to refer to as, "The Black Cyclops"...aka, my camera lens. In the picture above, we brought a friend of my oldest daughter along.(Of course sometimes older kids require a bit of bribery too. This photo shoot ended up with a trip to the ice cream shop.)  She was a fresh face and my 2 year old adored her. She thought everything about her was hilarious. Bringing a new face around can help because sometimes, to a 2 year old, mommy is a big dull dud who is about as entertaining as leaf. So grab a sibling, aunt, grandparent or friend and let them do the entertaining while you snap away!

And... Action!

   In my opinion, the best photographs of a toddler are taken when they are in their own environment doing just what they like to do. Candid, action shots are among my favorites. Not only are they relatively easy to take, but they really capture who your little one is. Get down on your child's level and just let them play. Don't interrupt them. Just allow them to do their thing. Whether it's checking out a garden hose, finger painting, exploring nature, or relaxing on the beach; action shots are a great way to capture real moments and create lasting memories.


   Photographing your child shouldn't be a stressful situation that will eventually require years of therapy for both parent and child. If all else fails, just photograph your little one doing whatever it is they feel like doing. Some of my favorite shots are the ones of Lauren being just who she is...Lauren.

Happy snapping!

Lindsay :-)




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Valentine's Day is on its way This little sweetheart was so much fun to work with. My first Valentine's day baby. She couldn't have been a better subject to photograph. I can't wait to get to the rest of her pictures. Stay tuned for more of this little one coming soon!

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Look who's steped out of the Dark Ages!

Happy New Year! 2013 is going to be a fantastic year...yes, I've decided this. As part of my many improvements and changes to my business, I have officially started a blog. Yes, that's right, the woman who fought hard to keep her flip phone, can't work her DVD player and still thinks that cassette tapes are top notch, has officially started a blog. I hope you find this a relaxing and entertaining place to visit.  A place where we can not only talk about all things photography, but a place to show off those beautiful families that allow me to capture their most special moments! Here's to an exciting 2013!


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